Carpet Cleaning Biz – The Big P

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Pocka Dola Carpet Cleaning Melbourne on your side has compiled these videos for your carpet cleaning education.  For all your carpet cleaning needs call us now on (03) 9041 0060.  You’ll be glad you did!


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Dave Carella says:

Flat rate pricing is a two edge sword! now way would i do a 300 SF living room for 25 bucks. this is were the customer gets pissed off. beware of this pricing and make sure you have a sf limit per room. just saying. BTW Portables suck! truck mount system works best. so take that 40,0000 investment into consideration when pricing.

imgoldbi15 says:

God bless you. I’ve been working for a retail store for 4 years now earning 12 dollars per hour, and on top of that I’m getting less and less hrs every week. I’ve thought about starting my own small business, but I didn’t have idea of what to do. But you just gave me the best solution. Thank you.

joke54541 says:

that link blows

Tim Maggs says:

Is that an Ezine Articles cup?

brownpride773 says:

Hey do you offer marketing session. I’m about to Jp into the carpet cleaning biz

john777uk says:

makes sense finally someone not talking out his ass

tski007 says:

I live in orlando fl do you think I can find business here

tski007 says:

Cool!!! Thanks

gojeevan2 says:

great advice!!!!

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