Karcher Puzzi 100 Carpet Cleaner – Full Review

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Pocka Dola Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has compiled these videos for your education. Call us now on (03) 8518 4743 for all your carpet cleaning needs.


Tomas Stasionis says:

Thanks for the Video! How long does the carpet dry after cleaning? Cheers

Fecri Irsat says:

If you have pre-sprayed the carpet with a carpet cleaning pre-spray and
leave it for 10 min which it will loosen the soil better and then use your
Karcher. Take this advice from a professional carpet cleaner. 

Gifts Gizmos Gadgets says:

Cool, glad I could help

gvbezoff says:

I bought one of these about 6 years ago, and I have never regretted it. I
have 3 Great Danes, and the Karcher can take anything they throw at it.
This thing is about 200% better than the pathetic upright-vacuum-style of
vacuum cleaner I have owned in the past. It is a serious machine that does
serious work. But it is not inexpensive.

sealsearcher says:

many thanks 🙂

Gerald Rischawy says:

We are just thinking to buy the Kaercher Puzzi 100 and your clip helped a
lot – because we also have a dog! But one Question pls, what about the dog
hairs, do you have problems with cleaning the Puzzi an it`s filters?

Nanny Oggins says:

Forget the carpet, just clean the dog! Seriously, very helpful vid, thanks.

Gifts Gizmos Gadgets says:

Hi Gerald, glad the video helped. We tend to flick over quickly with the
normal hoover first and then get stuck in with the Puzzi. The hairs simply
collect in the front collection bucket and there’s no issue with any of the
filters. The Puzzi 100 is more than man enough for our dogs hair. We make
sure everything is nice and clean afterwards, ready for the next time we
use it. Hope this helps, regards, Richard

Adrian Smith says:

Great Video Richard. Many Thanks.

michaelandraquel1 says:

i’d be teaching that little pooch to wipe his feet =)

Gerald Rischawy says:

Thank you Richard, that really helped a lot!

Andy Wylie says:

Thanks…this vid helped me today 🙂

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