Starting A Carpet Cleaning Business – (Is Certification and Carpet Cleaning School Necessary?)

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Pocka Dola Carpet Cleaning Melbourne on your side has compiled these videos for your carpet cleaning education.  For all your carpet cleaning needs call us now on (03) 9111 5619.  You’ll be glad you did!


M Busch says:

You must be a serious masturbator, you cannot stop making masturabatory gestures through your whole video. Pervert, plus you must be a liar cause any company I’ve ever had to cleaning charged more than that even ten plus years ago. Your dad must be the king of pricechop run everybody out of business hackmaster. Have a nice day asshole.

Doug Haerle says:

So in affect $25 per room will not cut it. You will be out of business soon. I charge per Sq Foot and I’m very sucessful and profitable. By the room your cheating yourself period. We always seem to forget that we also need to replace worn out equipment and repair it when it breraks down and to retire someday. In the corporate world you have a 401K plan but when you own your business you have to plan for this.

Doug Haerle says:

Can a portable perform as well as a truck mount? Well the deliverable can be just as good but it will take longer to perform the job. Do you need training, no, not necessarily, but to some extent you need educating. Be sure that you have liability insurance so that when you remove a spot in the customers carpet and it goes awry you don’t have to pay out of your pocket.

Doug Haerle says:

If you run a truck mount system, you absolutely must account for the Truck Mount pricing, insurance, business liability insurance, training, office rent and insurance, marketing, customer retention, supplies. Water alone will not do the job and I have worked with both portables and truckmounts yes and for years. The Truck Mount will always outperform in heat & suction thereby performing better speed for the carpet cleaner.

Yodaismycopilot says:

In his pricing video, he discussed something in the ballpark of $25 per room, with the goal of keeping between about $50-$75 per hour that your in the building.

Yodaismycopilot says:

What DVD sets do you recommend?

Dave Carella says:

I would really like to see you clean carpet with just hot water! liar! you keep talking about your dad bring him in your vid. is you flat rate 6.95 a room?

tski007 says:

Do you offer a system

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