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Pocka Dola Carpet Cleaning Melbourne on your side has compiled these videos for your carpet cleaning education.  For all your carpet cleaning needs call us now on (03) 9041 0060.  You’ll be glad you did!


Msmaradoo says:

I just read the court doucments on the internet and can’t believe Jonathan Barnett got away with this. You were right Jay! He is a con man!

IDestinyT says:

thanks everyone…..what a con!!!!!

jaytheupsman says:

No Mark, I’m not affiliated with Oxymagic. I was lied to on the phone at your call center when they took my number to call me back. I asked for the MSDS sheets on your product and Patrick didn’t know what they were. He told me they would call me back. Those sheets would prove that your product is 100% all natural.

b18cyacrxs says:

This method is such bullshit, it doesn’t clean anything remotely dirty. Trust me.

marksmith1960 says:

jaytheupsman is a fraud. This person is affiliated with Oxymagic carpet cleaning and this company is into using fraudulant accusations to make themselves look good.

jaytheupsman says:

The president of this company Jonathan Barnett use to work for Oxymagic, then copycatted their system and started his own franchise. Very unethical. Done some research on them and seems he got away with it in court. Great example of our Judical system failing us again. If he is willing to do this and lie about his system being all natural, he’s more than willing to lie to his customers.

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