Bissell Deep Clean Premier 80R4 Unbox/Assembly and Review Carpet Cleaner Vacuum

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MartinIDavies says:

Richard, thank you for investing your time to create this informative vid
and for sharing your experiences us with all… I’ve just purchased this
model after having purchased and returned a slightly less expensive Bissell
who’s sin was its inability to spry cleaning fluid.

This is the one I should have purchased from the start (a little voice in
my head was telling me to get this one but the cheapskate in me went with
the less expensive one).

I’ve just followed along with you vid and the results are brilliant… your
attention to detail made the difference as to how to operate it.. 

boxbuyer2008 says:

Is there a model number I should have before calling. 

boxbuyer2008 says:

Great video by the way 🙂 

boxbuyer2008 says:

My boss had me use this model to clean his carpet of pet stains. The tank
was filled almost exactly like yours. We used an additional chemical safe
around pets. I thought it would was working fine until he discovered that
no water was being used by the machine. Did I not load the tank in

Vanessa Campa says:

At 10:54 was the removable tank leaking?

vaslui says:

That’s a great video well done I am looking forward to purchasing a carpet
cleaner that is that good. 

Amy Plankis says:

How long did it take for your carpets to dry after you finished shampooing

Nino Cinco says:

nice review! thumbs up

James Gardner says:

How many amps?

sean spangler says:

Great video carpers look great you would recommend it I have a hoover that
about to go so im considering this model my hoover 8 year old it been a
great cleaner but things get old

Richard Lloyd says:

I would recommend it. It is well engineered, it works well and does a great
job on the carpet. One thing I did not mention is that it is deafening loud
either. I have a link to it on Amazon in the description. Thanks for

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