REVIEW The Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner

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Joe Wheeler says:

Nice video review of Rug Doctor Mighty Pro rental machine. Pretty new so
you probably haven’t ever seen this one…

ciscopack says:

Nice review of the machine and I agree it works well. However…I’ve
rented about 6 of them and 1/2 were absolutely nasty when I rented. The
last took me 20 minutes to clean the brush to my satisfaction and I only
rented the last 2 times when the RD Mighty Pro (that I own/blue) motors
went bad. I estimate I’ve cleaned 5500 square feet of carpet with my
machine that I own and I’ve replaced 2 motors from China. That is poor
motor longevity. 

Thomas Spratt says:

good video

HillBrosReviews says:

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