Bissell PowerSteamer Carpet Cleaner Repair

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Chris B says:

Well done…

joe Preciado says:

Great video!
Thank you very much.

grammanow says:

do you know if you can hose/spray/clean underneath the machine, i borrowed
my machine, and they gave it back extremely dirty and caked with layers of
gunk and hair and yuckyness. I need to know if I can spray it all off!!
Thaks if you can let me know!!?

grammanow says:

like there is vents underneath there too, can I spray over those areas
without damagin the machine? Thaks much

mommymilestones says:

It sounds the pump has failed. It could be that a hose leading to or from
the pump also. You can check the hoses for damage once it’s apart but the
pump is most likely the failure. Still replaceable though and cheaper than
a new cleaner. Good luck!

UncleMarq says:

if anyone can help…please post a video or pictures

boomtomb says:

Nothing better than seeing a woman fix something…clear instructions and
im overwhelmed with relief….now I dont have to buy a new one thank you

Him Himz says:

OMG! =Gracias= But is that black side peice holding the bush so easy to
‘properly’ set in place? I seemingly have nothing holding mine in, other
than than that broken stem and a so-so tight space (cuz my brush didn’t
spin as much with it fallingdown.) But I have the one without handheld
nozzle. FYI, I had to super-glue the small metal gear that spins belt and
brush. (filled hole with glue, then placed)

Mary Lou Blanco says:

I have a Bissell Powersteamer/PowerBrush…..The machine will not dispense
soap. I also notice it is supposed to have a lint screen on the cover of
the water dispenser but there is not one there. We purchased the machine
2nd hand so I don’t know if one was ever there. Also, it does not have an
“O” ring on that float which supposedly tells you the machine is spraying.
It seems to be spraying fine but not soap..nptrtgms20@yahoo,com…E-mail me
if you can help.

bigbubba051 says:

I also have one of these and after i put the cleaner and everything in it
and clean the carpet, it leaks out everywhere in floor. What do u think it
could be?

Tyler Clark says:

awesome video, i just bought a bissell proheat and the brush would stop
when you tried to use it, come to find out the brush retainers wernt in the
right place. this helped me out tons, thank you

krissi powers says:


mommymilestones says:

There is a valve or fitting that both tanks sit on. I’m guessing yours has
failed. It works like a sippy cup, on demand. My best advice is tear it
apart and take a look, it’s already broke so what can it hurt. If you cant
fix it, part it out on ebay or craigslist.

declore1086 says:

thank you for posting, it makes everything so much easier to watch someone
else do it once

Sonja Usher says:

I have the same cleaner, the issue that I’m having is that it will not suck
up the water. What do you think that could be?

AlabamaAxeman says:

Great job, Mom…..clear. concise, and easy to understand. You’re a good

gitagitauskiene says:

In your episode squsi baff you dind wait a fwe minutes

Michele Botti says:

My machine works good at first, but then puts the dirty water back on the
rug and you can’t see it until it dries! What’s with that?

UncleMarq says:

i need a picture of the inside of the bissle power steamer. my son took it
apart trying to fix a problem, and now i cant figure out where all the
hoses go. so a picture showing how the hose are connected would be very

jnhunt11 says:

so glad i found this whew i thought i broke my carpet cleaner my husband
whould have been pissed. i was just cleaning it. then i started taking
things apart lol.

mommymilestones says:

I would purchase the lint screen to save the life of the machine. My
cleaner solution dispenser quit once as I had turned it too far and
dislodged it it the water only position. You have to take it apart to fix
it or you can add the cleaner right to your water tank. If you have the
heat version solution can get dried between use in the hoses. You can
flushes them out with hot water if you take it apart. I clogged mine once
trying to use oxyclean with water in a test spot.

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