How to clean stairs-Carpet Cleaning

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Pocka Dola Carpet Cleaning Melbourne on your side has compiled these videos for your carpet cleaning education.  For all your carpet cleaning needs call us now on (03) 85184743.  You’ll be glad you did!


TruckMountForums says:

Thank you Clyde. Hopefully you have subscribed. And next month we are releasing 3 similar type videos here on YouTube. Stay tuned. PS:Look for our new Clean Informer magazine where carpet cleaners and floor restorers will have more training than they could have imagined possible via the internet!

Clyde Rice says:

I have learned alot from you…thank you for the tips!!

TruckMountForums says:

Thank you. Glad I could help. Like I mentioned above we have 3 new ones coming out next month in the Clean Informer magazine and then they will be posted here. Thanks for your support.

TruckMountForums says:

Thanks Patrick. Watch for 3 new videos coming out in the new trade magazine TMF Clean Informer. After that they will be released here!

TruckMountForums says:


TruckMountForums says:

Thank you Zoom. And as I mentioned above,please subscribe to our channel. We just built a production studio and will have many more videos coming this year that will be of similar quality and information..

TruckMountForums says:

Thank you Flat Rate. Please subscribe to our channel. We just built a production studio and will have many more videos coming this year.

TruckMountForums says:

Thank you Margarita. It was a pleasure meeting you and cleaning for you. Hope you and your husband have a safe trip on your move to Texas. Any problems with the cleaning before you leave let me know and we will help you.

Margarita Martinez says:

Rob Allen and Ed are cleaning my carpet as we speak. Awesome job, I can already see a difference. AWESOME customer service. Provided helpful tips for carpet maintenance. The best in Hampton roads.

FlatRateCarpet says:

great job …

zoomriteinc says:

great information

TruckMountForums says:

Then make a video Keith Murray lol. Walk the walk don’t just talk the talk. And 32 years of satisfied clients like my stair work. Maybe I’m doing ok. But I am looking forward to your video. 🙂

keith murray says:

your making very hard work of cleaning some stairs,
you miss quite a bit of them out

TruckMountForums says:

It is a heat beast when it comes to carpet cleaning. Just watch the temps on delicate fibers such as wool and some polys. Enjoy!

Adam Effron says:

Thanks for the advice. BTW you are the reason I decided on the El Diablo. What a great machine.

TruckMountForums says:

Thank you for commenting. We are glad we can help and hope we can even more so in the near future.

TruckMountForums says:

Thank you very much. We have built a new video studio and will be making several more like it this year. Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for fastest updates!

Patrick Rhea says:

Thanks for making the videos Rob…

housecleaningservic says:

Great job man…I like this video.

TruckMountForums says:

Usually till I finish the job. Most every home I clean with stairs will have a living room,dining room and den. If not dry by then I will leave it till after I have loaded up everything and carry it out after collecting the check. That usually gets them nice and dry. PS:Make sure you over lap or double dry strokes on really soiled stairs. Hope this helps.

Bobby Gasoline says:

How long do you keep the air mover in position? Is the residential customer ok with it being there? Do you come back for it at the end of the day or next day?

GottaShopIt com says:

The process of stairs carpet cleaning does call for a good deal of expertise. Those who will try their hands with this particular task of cleaning stair carpets need to have significant amount of knowledge on the tools, which are going to be used.

TruckMountForums says:

Couldn’t agree more. But as I stated above. all they are doing is dropping the ball and when I get the ball I’m going straight to the end zone!!

TruckMountForums says:

True. There are no shortcuts on stairs. It is hard work. But that’s what separates cleaners like you and I from the pack. Many are lazy and just run their upright wand over them. All they are doing is opening the door for a premium cleaner to come right in like you and I when they drop the ball. Mr’s Jones pats them on the back for the superficial job but then a few weeks later when the bullnose browns out they curse the bad cleaner. I pay special attention to the whole cleaning experience.

TruckMountForums says:

Join Truckmountforums,the fastest growing cleaning forum in the world (shameless plug lol) and ask that question. Promise you will get about a 100 replies. 🙂

TruckMountForums says:

Nah I just charge extra for that. lol J/K
It’s a demo on a set of previously cleaned stairs. Use your imagination for the 1″ sides. 😉

elrama2011 says:

what is the difference with dry cleaning machine and shapoo one?
thank you

AcidRageNZ says:

well mate good vid but you missed about 1inch on each side of the stairs

AtlantaEcoCleaners says:

Great video. Stairs can always be tricky to clean as you can’t get some of the heavier equipment on there.

josh Swope says:

I also agree many methods of cleanings are efficient. However nothing is efficient with lazy workers or owners. A good method or good equipment wont work with bad operators.

josh Swope says:

I agree with that statement

TruckMountForums says:

Thanks. No matter how old we are or how long we have been cleaning,we all can learn some new things. Be sure to check out Truckmountforums. I find I learn something new everyday and stay a step ahead of my competitors. Actually as cleaners we all should strive for excellence to improve our trade and the prices we get for quality work. TMF keeps us on the cutting edge of clean. 😉

drtdktr1 says:

Great video. I have had my own carpet cleaning business for 10 years and I picked up a couple of tips from demo. Thanx!

TruckMountForums says:

Like anything else there is always more to things than meet the eye. This is especially true with stairs. They can make or break your job. Glad you liked the video. If you are not a member of Truckmountforums please sign up and check out our Media section. We have big plans for it!

TruckMountForums says:


TruckMountForums says:

Yup 52. Camera makes me look good but in real life I’m a lot older and uglier. ;-)~

TruckMountForums says:

Thank you. Not our highest quality but filled with quality content. 😉 Be sure to check out our forum at Truckmountforums. We have 100 quality videos in the Media section and were adding to it weekly.

jr saldana says:

no way that guy is 52 , if he is i hope i look like that at 52 , great video

skarlet75 says:

Greetings from Mexico!

TruckMountForums says: ;-)

TruckMountForums says:

Thank you. be sure to check out our new Media Room at Click on the Media tab for 100 categorised cleaning videos.

TruckMountForums says:

We have a free download at of pricing structures for all cleaning services within our industry.

jean duchemin says:

great video, thank you

CleaningParramatta says:

How do you recommend charging for stairs? A lot of businesses charge per stair, but often clients feel that they are being “ripped off”. Any clever marketing / pricing suggestions?

Jack Hunt says:

TruckMountForums says:

Thank you. And I agree,Tre’s sound track rocked!

TruckMountForums says:

Ha! True that. The problem was that empty home had unreachable detectors.

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