Carpet Cleaning Ins and Outs

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Pocka Dola Carpet Cleaning Melbourne on your side has compiled these videos for your carpet cleaning education.  For all your carpet cleaning needs call us now on (03) 9041 0060.  You’ll be glad you did!


cid woody says:

Whats a good portable extractor unit and a rotary jet extractor (Rx-20, spinmaster, cmx 20) combo ? I’m looking at the rotary jet extractors but it seems you need high cfm too use this type of carpet cleaning machine. thanks

Dustin Dobbs says:

ass hole 0:00 – 0:10

TheShaneLear says:

Thanks for the vid. I worked for a guy who started his ownq back in ’93. I’m going to give it a shot. People always thought we were unprofessional

Edgar Smith says:

I’m seriously looking at starting a carpet cleaning business to replace my lost income due to a layoff. Information is critical when you’re inexperienced and money is sparce. Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom.

leancrew1 says:

In the past there were many advantages to using truck mounted equipment. But now you can buy portable units that have up 500psi of water pressure, built in heaters and 3 stage vac motors. You can upgrade portables with bigger pumps, external heaters and external vac boosters. And run them off a gas generator. The key to overcome the perception that truck mounts are better is BE PROFESSIONAL; wear a uniform, preprinted receipts and dedicate a cell phone 2 answer calls 24/7. OH & DO GREAT WORK!

michael morgan says:

hi david i have a question actually need some advice. i live in a town of 23,000 people and there are 8 carpet cleaning companies, i was wondering do you think that is to much competition? thanks and i enjoy your vids

Piffy617 says:

awesome video! I have been thinking about starting a carpet cleaning business for a few years now. I used to work for a company, and made so much money, and then i started to think…man this guy is taking in serious money every week, and his expenses are minimal!!!

All the thoughts i’ve had have been true about this business, thanks for the reassurance in this video!! now my question is what method is the best/most profitable??? I want to do the rotary method instead of steam. thoughts?

Northerntownedude says:

Looks like he’s in about Romans or so. Good catch!

rsaathoff says:

I am seriously considering this as a transition business from my existing corporate job – in which I am extremely unhappy and stressed in. I am going to check out some more of your vids. I have been going over the numbers and this does indeed seem relatively low start up for the potential returns. Is my research correct so far? How do you think this would be as a start up in a destressed economy like we are in? I only see it getting worse.

BTW is that the WORD in your deks?

slapcompany says:

Success for Managers is: Time to help my own people realize who they can be, not just what they can do.

David Filius says:

I started with a portable, after a year i bought a used truck mount, so much quicker
and it gets 2 hour dry time.


almazplusmaria says:

Hi, which portable unit would you recommend?

koolboyskee says:

I’m going into the carpet cleaning business. I am getting the last of my retirement funds from the federal goverment and start my own business. After working for 24 yrs with the courts and then wrongfully terminated without any recourse of action due to the gov. being immune from suit has gotten me fed up with working for someone.

biznessmn76 says:

Amen Bro! Im soo glad somebody said it!

chriscornelladdict says:

if you don’t mind me asking, how are you doing in your business? I am planning on starting a maid service and carpet cleaning business in about a month.

Kris Beahm says:

Your absolutely right, it’s the carpeter, not the machine. A monkey can run a wand, but it takes effort to clean and do a good job.

Bradley Cherry says:


fast79camaro2 says:

i just started a cleaning business and now i am adding carpet cleaing to it.i am going with a portable

prontosigns2006 says:


TheFlash123 says:

Thanks a lot for these videos. I decided recently that I wanted to research about starting my own carpet cleaning business and these videos are a great help

thepufin says:

What kind of portable do you use?
Nice vid.

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